Dog sire (FCI) – breed: Brussels Griffon


The offer of matting by a great dog is aimed at oweners of bitches registered in organizations attached to FCI.  BORYS is a dog with a marvelous characteur and perfect body shape and his fur is red. The dog posseses a wide collection of excelent grades from exterier from many well-known national and foreign judges (FCI) .


Repetition of some of his accomplishments proves that he did not achieve them by luck: :

World Dog Show 2016 – ex1. RCACIB. – Russia.

World Dog Show 2015 – ex 1. CAC. – Italy.

World Dog Show 2014 – ex 2. RCAC. – Finland.

World Dog Show 2013 – ex 1. CAC. – Hungary.

EURO DOG SHOW 2015 – ex 1. RCACIB. CAC. – Norway.

EURO DOG SHOW 2013 – ex 1. RCACIB. CAC. – Switzerland.

German Winner 2013 – ex1. CACIB. CAC. BOB. VDA.


Won titles :


Grand Champion Russian,

Champion National Breed Club,

Champion Russia,

Champion Italy,

Champion Norway,

Champion Finland,

Champion Belarus,

Champion Hungary,

Champion Poland,

Champion Lithuania,

Champion Latvia,

Champion Moldova,

Champion Georgia,

Champion Azerbaijan,

Champion Eurasia,

Russian Kynological Federation – RKF,

Junior Champion Russia,

Junior Champion Belarus,

Junior Champion Ukraine,



Borys presently stays in polish breeding "Hell on Wheels" we ask interested in breeding their bitches to contact by email: wkoscian@gmail.com